12 ways to make your life happier









  1. Smile, smile, and smile some more…. eventually it will feel real!
  1. Leave your neighbour a lovely cake or some home-baked goodies…..
  1. Send flowers to your sister, your mum, or your best friend, just because……
  1. Surprise your little one with a teddy bear or a balloon….
  1. Take some “me time” and have a bubble bath, a pedicure or a massage…
  1. Leave a note on the bathroom mirror that says “you’re special and I love you”
  1. Surprise a close friend or a loved one whom you haven’t seen in a while with a spontaneous visit
  1. Make a green smoothie with your favourite fruit and raw vegetables…your insides will surely smile
  1. Buy your favourite flowers….for yourself…for no apparent reason than you felt like it!
  1. Take an exercise class, or try something that you’ve always wanted to, but not yet made the time for….
  1. Find an inspiring picture, photo or a few loving words and put them in big colourful letters on your fridge…..
  1. Get a childminder or ask family to babysit and plan an evening with your spouse, or a close friend just to be together and catch up…and go out of the house to avoid distractions!
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