Confidence Coaching

“If you believe you can, you can….if you believe you can’t, you’re right”

Henry Ford

Have you ever wanted to do something, but didn’t go for it, because you thought you wouldn’t be able to do it? If so, you’re definitely not alone. Having low self-confidence or low self worth robs us of so much. It stops us in our tracks from trying new things, or even having a goal or a dream. Often, this situation doesn’t just happen. Either its past disappointments, or what we were told when we were growing up. If we allow these past issues to remain, they will not only ruin our present, but rob us from having a fulfilling life.

If you have ever felt low self-esteem, you would know it deep down. There is no time like the present to change that. Through coaching, you can let-go of any old thoughts, feelings, or experiences that have brought you down. You can slowly start setting yourself new goals, and have the support to achieve them. You can change how you see yourself, and that will change how the world sees you. It takes time, but i’ve seen LOTS of people create a more confident, and capable self. It is there, deep down, just needs some support in coming to the fore. Give yourself the opportunity to discover a more empowered, and confident you.

Life Vision Coaching:

Coaching is often misunderstood. It is thought that coaching is used when people have issues, and nothing more. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Imagine that things are going fine, life is ticking away, the bills are being paid, family is doing ok, but there’s nothing to really excite you or light your fire….Anyone who has achieved something big has definitely got a purpose or vision leading the way.

If you’ve ever have the question “what else?” in your mind, then perhaps you’re ready to explore what you’re truly made to do. Having a clear purpose will energize your days, give you excitement and inspiration. Even when things don’t go your way, your vision will keep you on track. Look at some of your role models. If you can, talk to them about what they believe is their life purpose, and if you don’t have access to them, just think about what their life purpose may be. You will realize that in order to achieve big, you have to dream big!

A story:

One of the people i’ve coached was in this position. She had a comfortable job, but nothing inspired or excited her. After a while, she would get bored of the job she was doing, and change it. She was so capable that finding a job wasn’t the issue for her at all. However, she just didn’t feel satisfied, something was missing. She even moved countries, thinking the place was the issue. Not until did she start exploring at a deeper level, did she understand that it wasn’t the environment or the job, it was the fact that she needed more. She had core values that were screaming to be heard. Through coaching, she began to see her life vision emerging. She really wanted to interact with people on a deeper level. She was passionate about giving back, so she chose a completely different path. She is now training to be a teacher at the Masters Level. She has stayed in her job for now, but she knows that she is working towards something much bigger and more fulfilling.

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