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There are conflicting views on the subject of hypnotherapy being halal in Islam. I am a Muslim hypnotherapist by myself. I view hypnotherapy as a halal form of healing because it involves using your own inner resources to help yourself.

Many people have issues with hypnotherapy and state that it is not halal because it involves the power of suggestion. This means that someone else is making suggestions to you and so might manipulate you. One important factor to keep in mind is that a hypnotherapist will only help you in the areas that you want help in. The AGENDA IS YOURS. It is with your permission that hypnotherapy will be effective. Your mind will protect you from being manipulated; your own intution will tell you whether you can trust the hypnotherapist you have gone to see. If you don't feel that trust, I would suggest that you not work with them and find someone else.

Also, I have often worked with clients not knowing much about the situation at all. In fact hypnotherapy can often be "content free" where a client is not divulging anything and yet getting results. As a hypnotherapist I can help them feel more relaxed and empowered without knowing all the details of their situation. At times this can be both relevant and effective.

Hypnotherapy does use suggestion, but not in the way that most people have seen entertainers do it. I have never made anyone cluck like a chicken and nor do I intend to. The work that is involved with helping others requires a high level of ethical awareness. When choosing a hypnotherapist, please choose someone whose ethics you feel comfortable and safe with.

Hypnotherapy uses relaxion techniques for the purpose of therapy. Therapy intends to heal and in my view healing oneself is important in Islam. You are being proactive as a Muslim to live the best possible quality of life.