I am the ultimate procrastinator

Dear sister Sayeda,

I am the ultimate procrastinator, and now it’s getting to the point where it’s affecting my life. I was always a good student, and I could get away with studying at the last minute, but its not working anymore. I failed my last exam. I now have finals coming up, and I’m panicked. If the last minute cramming won’t work, what will I do? Exams are coming up in 4 weeks, yet I can’t get myself to study! Help me please!!

– Panicked student

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Dear Panicked student,

Procrastinating means one of two things- either its something you really don’t want to do on any level, or 2, its something you want deep down, but are telling yourself you “should” do. I’ve come across this many times, not just with studying but with other things too. Many of us aren’t motivated by forcing ourselves to do things. Stop telling yourself that you “should” or “have to/ must study.” Each time you do that, another part is rebelling against it.


Instead, think about why you want to study- and what will passing these exams give you. Be clear on how much you want something will help you to take small steps. Next, take out your planner, and chunk the study topics and time into small, bite size pieces. Work on the plan for the hour, and the day at hand, and don’t look at the rest. This strategy will also work wonders- good luck!!!

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