Lose weight now

Have you been struggling with losing or maintaining your weight? Have you lost weight, but then gained it right back? Are there issues that are causing you to comfort eat? “Make Life Happen-Lose Weight Now” is an audio program designed to support you in releasing any amount of unwanted weight. This audio program focuses on the deep seeded issues underlying chronic weight gain. If you have kept weight on despite dieting, then this CD will help because it will address the underlying issues that have not yet been dealt with. It is designed to help you create a new visual image of yourself, enhance your self-esteem, and feel truly confident. You will also learn to connect to how wonderful it will feel for you to be at your ideal weight. It will invite you to explore how your life will transform, and what this weight loss will allow you to achieve in your life.


This program addresses the practical aspect of weight loss as well. You will also be able to differentiate from what is truly a good weight for your body, or what you feel that you “should” weigh. You will be able to create new, healthy exercise and eating habits as well.

This CD is designed to have a holistic, healing approach to weight loss, allowing you to access your deepest inner resources thereby creating changes that last. By listening to this CD, you will be able to achieve your weight loss goals with more ease and comfort than you ever thought was possible.

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