This is what Neil had to say…

Being the owner of a small business that is largely centred on my own efforts, it is very
easy to get caught up in the here-and-now of fire-fighting and dwelling on what is not
going to plan, rather than focussing ahead on the dream that started it all and how
things look when everything is going right.

Seeing Sayeda has been a terrific flip for me in the way she has enabled me to take a
step back and have a good hard look at what is happening… to question what I am doing
and why it is happening… and then to help me assess what is truly beneficial for me and
my company.

Asking searching questions as to what I really want for the business and from the
business, she has helped me to achieve a level of clarity of what I am looking to attain
and how I am going to get there. She has forced me through introspection to realise how I
was limiting myself by what I was doing and has assisted in nudging me back on to the
road I was originally taking.

Now I stride forward with purpose, no longer running around like a headless chicken, and
whatever you do, never use that phrase in front of her!


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