Coaching made a difference to Rebecca…

When I first heard about life coaching, I was a little skeptical and didn’t know if it would really help me. All the things that I struggle with each day (like thinking about if my career choice is right, or just how to find time for things like exercise or hobbies) are things I assumed that I just had to figure out for myself “someday.” I decided to give it a try, primarily because Sayeda was easy to talk to, and understood my initial skepticism. In our first session, we discussed how many of the answers that I’m looking for are actually coming from within myself, and that as a life coach, Sayeda’s role is more like a “guide” to provide me with the tools to solve things for myself.

Once I understood this, life coaching made sense, and I think I’ve made good progress. I’ve committed to a career choice that before life coaching with Sayeda I had been very uncertain and only half-committed for 3 years. I also better understand why I make certain choices in my life, and have realized what I really value in my life, the things that I make a priority both in thought and in action.


When I first started sessions with Sayeda, I had several issues that were bothering me. Why did some family obligations feel like such a burden and others didn’t? Why was so afraid to go back to school and change careers? Why did I feel so unhappy with my present job? Why am I always feeling so tired and disorganized?


My sessions with Sayeda helped me tackle each of these things in very concrete ways, and I’m happier for it. One of the things about Sayeda that I really appreciated is that she isn’t afraid to ask if a technique or tool we used is really working — she’s open to trying different approaches with different people and situations.


Maybe I could have figured out these life issues eventually on my own, but I’m not convinced I would have had the courage to stick with the changes without Sayeda’s coaching. I earned how to implement everything into my daily life and create positive changes, and was able to confront fears, procrastinations and difficult questions. It’s easy to say, “I want to change careers,” or “I want to spend more time with my family,” or “I want to be more organized” –but usually we can never follow-through on these decisions on our own.

It’s the follow-through part that’s the key, and it’s the most important part of making any change in your life. I will always be glad that I did the coaching with Sayeda, I feel like I’m embarking on a whole new and happier way of leading my life.

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