Sam was skeptical…but she went for it!

I remember the first session I was going to have with Sayeda. I wanted to call her and back right out. I had convinced myself that I didn’t need help and I was just experiencing a moment of weakness. I could fix anything – so why should I talk to a stranger to help me? I didn’t back out. I thought it could not do me any harm. I will see how the session goes and if I was not comfortable, then I would find some way to back out.

From the moment I started my sessions till today I have to admit I have found a major difference in who I am. I don’t regret starting the sessions I am actually proud that I took that step to take a chance to see what it could do for me. From the moment I talked to sayeda I knew that this was the first step I was taking towards battling through my fears of failure and dealing with changes.

I have found the sessions with sayeda productive and insightful. I can’t thank her enough for the insight she has showed me towards prioritising my ideas and projects. The “Values” stuff was so helpful. With sayeda’s help I have been able to put my life in some context I feel great relief. I’m proud of my newly discovered ability to ‘think bigger’ and set great goals that are tailor-made to my lifestyle and values. I am delighted with my success and do not take things for granted.

I recognise that my unique reactions to things are okay – as long as I understand how this impacts on my decision making and progress in life in general. I now put all of my ideas into action and remove the clutter in my life! The most fantastic thing about coaching is learning techniques to tap into the endless possibilities you can create for yourself. Great things can really happen.

Working with Sayada has opened up a whole new world of success for me I have become a strong minded positive individual.

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