What is coaching?

That is a really good question, but one that’s not the simplest to answer. This is because coaching isn’t something tangible that you can see and hold, it’s a process. However, the results that people get speak for themselves. Some of my clients have started new businesses, completed pending projects, improved their relationships, the list is long. OK, so coaching is about results, but what is it really? Let me explain it this way…..You’ve heard of sports coaches i’m sure. Essentially, the job of a coach is to do two things. One, to train his client in the game itself, and the other to offer moral support and get the athlete to the best frame of mind possible where he or she can compete. The beginnings of coaching came from sports coaching, so the same principles still apply even though we are talking about life.

My job as a coach is to support my clients to look at a their challenges in a different way. We work together to explore solutions, and my clients learn a whole new set of skills on their coaching journey. For example, they may learn new communication or goal setting skills, or even how to use language in a different way. It all depends on the goals you set for yourself on the journey.

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