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Life Coaching is a process that can be adapted to suit your particular needs and requirements. Coaching is suitable for anyone who is healthy overall even though situations may be getting them down.

This section will tell you a little bit more about how people tend to use coaching, but do keep in mind that whatever your life goals, the coaching process can support you in getting there. If you are wondering whether coaching may work for you, please feel free to get in touch and we can explore how coaching may help you in achieving a life you truly love.

Why would I need Coaching? Learn more
I talk about Life Coaching all the time and have been for some time now. I have noticed that more and more people have a basic understanding of what Life Coaching entails than ever before. People are now using Life Coaches because they want a higher quality of life. People are less likely to sell out on their dreams and hopes. What was not possible for their parents, is quite possible for them.

What would someone need Life Coaching? I think that no one NEEDS coaching. A need, as I understand it, is something that one cannot do without. Food, shelter, clothing and income are needs because our survival depends upon them. Life Coaching is not a need, but a want or a tool.

So why would someone need Life Coaching? I think that someone may want the support of a Life Coach for a variety of reasons. Life is more challenging than ever before. We as human beings have rising ambitions and those need skills and tools to be fulfilled. We have a world that is developing rapidly yet presenting us with greater stresses and we need to learn to manage that stress. Life Coaching helps you manage stress effectively and give you a set of skills and tools that will become second nature to you.

Someone would want to have Life Coaching because they want to enhance their communication at work and at home. Perhaps you are required to speak in public for work, or maybe you want your kids to listen to you more; coaching will help you achieve this.

I have people tell me that they do not need a Life Coach. I agree with them wholeheartedly. It is not something that you need to survive, but it is something that will enhance the quality of your life. The choice is yours. Would you like to live a more fulfilled life? Would you like to have skills to help you do that now and in the future? Then it is important to learn these skills; Life Coaching is a process where you will be trained in the skills you need to live the life you truly want.


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Coaching for the entrepreneur Learn more
Do you own your own business? Are you a single person business? Perhaps you have grown your business to a certain point and are now wondering about the next phase. Being an entrepreneur is challenging, I know as I am one myself.

Running your own business can be a rollercoaster at times. Have you ever wondered why things aren't working as well as you hoped they would? Perhaps the success is taking a bit longer than anticipated. Maybe you have had some degree of success but you know that you are capable of a lot more.

These are just some of the issues on your mind I imagine. Not having anyone else who is accountable only makes things harder. What would it be like to have someone to brainstorm with? Someone who is interested in behind your success one hundred percent. Sound good? Well then coaching is your answer. Coaching for the entrepreneur can make the difference in times of stress. You would naturally think that this would be about developing your business, it is, but it is a lot more than that.

Coaching the entrepreneur is about helping you hone your business dream. You the entrepreneur need your vision nurtured. You might want to explore the next steps or find out why things are not working.

Coaching you, the entrepreneur will involve removing any barriers that you may have in the way. Are you worried that things may not work out? That time may be wasted, or more importantly precious resources spent? We will look at all angles of the issue before you take any action. Your next step will be an informed as you can make it. The more you plan, the greater chances of success you have.

If you are interested in taking your business to the next level, give coaching a try. You will find new solutions and avenues for action emerging.


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Coaching helps overcome depression Learn more
We live in a world that is all about progress, abundance and achievement, yet it’s interesting to note how depression is on the rise. People as young as teenagers are being diagnosed with depression; in fact it is being noticed in children now as well.

It is frightening to note how many people are being given mild doses of anti-depressants. It seems to be a common way of coping with life. Though anti-depressants may make you feel alright in the short term, they may take away your ability to cope with situations in the long term. Another disadvantage of anti-depressants is that it may also stop you from feeling the real joys or high’s that life has to offer.

If you were to know that you can overcome depression and move on from it, would this be of interest to you? Well I say that you definitely can. Coaching has helped many to overcome depression. Sometimes it may be a combination of coaching and hypnotherapy that may also do the trick.

So you may be wondering about how coaching helps to overcome depression. Coaching helps overcome depression because the process will help you find something to be excited about. Perhaps there isn’t much to look forward to in your personal and professional life; it might be time to turn that around.

Coaching helps heal depression through encouraging new ideas. You will learn to communicate your thoughts more effectively. You will also learn to set goals to succeed.

Coaching helps heal depression because you will find solutions to cope with everyday stress. Sometimes stress at home or at work can be too much. You will find new strategies to cope; strategies that will work for you over the long term.

It is possible to heal depression and live a fulfilling life. The next step is to give coaching a try. What do you really have to lose? Perhaps the anti-depressants? Think about the joy and happiness you will gain.

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Coaching to enhance self-esteem Learn more
Does feeling a bit down mean one has low self-esteem? Definitely not. So how do you know that you have low self-esteem? Low self-esteem has a few tell-tale signs:

Are you someone who:
Compares yourself to others all the time?
Feels that you haven't achieved very much?
Feel others are constantly criticising you?

These are some of the symptoms of low self-esteem. Perhaps it feels like people are judging you, or that you are undervalued by your friends and family.

Well, despair no more. There is hope. We all have to build the most important relationship in life; the one we have with ourselves. Self-esteem is ultimately about the relationship we have with ourselves. Self-esteem is your own perception of who you are. It needs to come from within. Some people have had a very nurturing upbringing, and having a high sense of self may come naturally to them, but it may not be so easy for others. Coaching can help you build your sense of self-esteem.

Coaching to enhance self-esteem is an important journey. Together we will explore what self-esteem means to you. You will break down past barriers that may have come from negative upbringing or difficult experiences. You will achieve results. You will find a new way of relating to yourself. When you do this and truly value who you are, you will find that others will naturally value you more.

Coaching helps to build self-esteem naturally because this is what it is meant to do. A higher sense of self is what makes the coaching journey truly worthwhile


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Coaching for time management Learn more
We live in an insanely busy world these days. Perhaps one might try to slow the pace down, but then things get left undone and more stress occurs. Sound familiar? I have met several people in this predicament. One of my clients called it "running around like a headless chicken." What is the fate of a "headless chicken?" immiment death. So if we think of ourselves as headless chickens the future can only be grim. So what does one do about it? The tasks don't diminish do they and sometimes the demands keep piling on; it has become more necessary than ever before to develop a new relationship to time. Time management is a learned skill. Coaching can greately help with time management. The first step will involve raising awareness to what's going on in your life. We often miss out pockets of time and we don't even realise it. These pockets of time are those spent being spaced out in order to deal with stress. We will raise awareness as to what is going on together. You will lea rn to cope with things differently and also adjust what is possible to get done in a day. Coaching for time management will involve assessing your expectations from yourself, noticing where time might be wasted and finding solutions that empower you to get more done! Each of us has our own unique responsibilities and demands. So do get in touch to find out if some skills in time management may come in handy

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