10 Ways to Live a More Fulfilling Life

Love people, and use things:We often have this the other way around. Appreciate the people in your life. Spend time with them and make sure to say “thank you.” Things can be replaced, people cannot.

Have a dream, and take actions towards achieving it: Your dream, and your passion is what will get you up every morning. Have something inspiring to keep you going. Each step you take towards that dream will encourage and enliven you.

When things get hard, take it a day at a time: Life isn’t always easy. So when things get tough, just remind yourself to focus on “today.” This will help you deal with the challenges one step at a time.

Set goals that are realistic and achievable: There’s nothing wrong with wanting to achieve a lot; in fact, it’s admirable. However, if you set impossible targets, you will be left feeling disappointed. Each time you set a  goal, ask yourself, “is this do-able in the time frame i’ve set?” If not, make adjustments. You will great once you get it done

Put your phone away and talk to your family at the dinner table: We are so connected to social media and email these days, that we forget how to connect with actual human beings. Put your phone away and spend time with your family. There’s a saying that goes “families that eat together, stay together.” there’s something to that.

Do something nice for someone…just because: Doing something nice…feels amazing. Do something nice for someone and enjoy the fuzzy good feelings you get.

Think about 5 things that you are genuinely grateful for…. Every day: This is not something to tick off your list, and not things you “should” be grateful. Just genuine thankfulness for the small, everyday things. It goes a long way to creating more abundance and happiness.

Notice your achievements daily: We all have too much to do these days. Just notice what you did get done during the day. Your list may have a lot more on it, but you will feel a sense of achievement nonetheless.

Stop and take a “real” breaks: Do you take breaks at your desk? Our minds are amazing machines. They anchor space to the activities associated with that space. So if you’re taking a break at your desk, your mind will remain in work mode at a deeper level. For real rest, take breaks away from your work space. They can be short, and will be far more effective than a long break watching a video at your desk- go on, try it!

Ask for help and support when you need it: We all have times when things get a bit too much. We may feel embarrassed to ask for help, but most often that’s our issue. Break through that concern and ask someone close to you for help- you’ll feel a load off, and they will feel good that you asked them.

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