What is Coaching?

Imagine a horse-drawn carriage, much like the ones you see in historical movies or fictional tales. Imagine seeing yourself riding in a coach like this, being carried to a wonderful new destination with ease and comfort. This is what coaching is. In fact, the word “coach” for the profession was taken from this very concept. A professional coach empowers people to improve their skills, grow, and take themselves from one place to another.

Coaching started in the area of sports and has branched out to executive coaching, life coaching, relationship coaching, and even spiritual coaching, to name a few. The process involves asking key questions, using exercises, and creating space so that clients can explore their concern fully. Each coach has his or her own way of working, so no two coaches will be alike.

Coaching is a journey of enquiry and growth, but in a nutshell, it is a process that helps you get to know yourself better and to achieve the results you want.

Coaching can be used by anyone who intends to improve his or her life. If, however, we find that the issues presented are beyond the scope of coaching, then I will refer or request the person to see a qualified physician or professional who can help. Some areas that my clients have worked on have been mentioned in this section. If your concern is something that’s not listed, please remember that we will still be able to work on it together. Just get in touch.

What is coaching?

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How does coaching work?

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Life Coaching

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Relationship Coaching

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Confidence Coaching

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