My daughter is marrying outside the faith-should I worry?

Hello Sayeda. I know that you are a Muslim life coach, and usually work with Muslims. However, I have a question from a non-Muslim perspective. I am a Christian, and my daughter is considering marriage to a Muslim Man. I don’t have any issues with him being of a different faith. However, I do worry that he will be controlling her. I have heard that this happens. Can you appease my fears please?

Thank you,

– A Worried Mom


Dear Worried Mom,

Thank you for writing to me. I appreciate your openness regarding your question. I can understand your concerns, and of course they are valid. The one thing I will say to you is that it is natural to be afraid of the unknown. First of all, trust your daughter’s choice. If she feels that he is compatible with her values, and they have enough common ground, then it is very likely that they can create understanding between them. Also, one thing to be aware of is that people tend to generalize when they hear about one bad example. Please keep in mind that though, this may have happened to someone, it is not the norm. Of course, there are good marriages and bad marriages in any culture- it is up to the couple to work on it themselves. Trust in your daughter and have faith in God- things will turn out fine.

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